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Meet Dr. Jason Cahill

Dr JasonDr. Jason was set on becoming a pharmacist. During a summer break from his studies at the University of Iowa, he was working as a pharmacy technician when a woman came into the store. She looked to be around 85 years old, fatigued, sickly and had a gallon-sized bag full of empty prescription bottles she needed to fill.

The woman shuffled away, hunched over and quickly Dr. Jason realized: the pills weren’t making her any healthier. In fact, she had to take more medications to counteract the effects of others. He also found in her records she was only 62 years old! Her poor health made it look like she aged 25 years.

Changing Paths

Right then, Dr. Jason quit his program and wasn’t sure what to do. A friend told Dr. Jason that this newfound philosophy about health not coming from an outside approach sounded a lot like the chiropractic philosophy. Dr. Jason looked more into it, despite having never been to a chiropractor. What he learned was eye-opening, and he decided to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Jason graduated cum laude with a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2007.

I love seeing the transformations people make when they tap into their potential. We all have it in us; sometimes, often times we just need a different approach to help us get there.”

A MaxLiving® Doctor

As part of the MaxLiving Sports Performance Council, Dr. Jason has served as a team chiropractor for the U.S. National judo and wrestling teams. He has traveled to various events with them, including the 2012 Olympics in London and competitions in Mexico and Brazil.

The extra training Dr. Jason has taken include extremity adjusting, rehabilitation and nutrition.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Like most other people in our area, Dr. Jason and his wife Christy love the outdoor activities in Colorado. They hike, mountain bike, camp, ski and play golf. They reside in Colorado Springs with their Boston Terrier Quinn and their Boxer Kinnick. Dr. Jason loves to be outside, go to local breweries and restaurants, exercise, live a healthy lifestyle and talk to others about reaching what he calls “The Fountain of Youth.”

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