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Joint Pain

Woman in yellow chair with knee painAny joint can get misaligned or “stuck,” creating problems for the body. Motion is what the body, brain and nervous system thrive off of, and any time that motion is impaired, pain and other symptoms can result.

Just like joints in the spine, the joints of your extremities can become subluxated or misaligned. At Freedom Chiropractic, we work on any joint in your body that isn’t functioning as it should, whether that’s in your arms, legs or spine. Although joint problems in the extremities are common with athletes, people of all walks of life can experience joint pain.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Part of our approach is to restore proper alignment and motion to the joint itself through chiropractic adjustments. The second part is to re-educate the muscles through customized strengthening and stretching protocols so we can fully rehab the entire joint issue so it doesn’t keep getting worse over time.

Of course, we begin with a thorough consultation and examination, which includes much more than just the area where you are experiencing pain or decreased motion. For example, if you’re having problems with your shoulder, we will assess the spine, the nerve flow to the shoulder and the kinetic chain that runs from your neck, shoulder, elbow and on into your wrist. That’s because any of those areas could be contributing to the pain in your shoulder—or any of those areas may be taking extra abuse by compensating to make up for what your shoulder is unable to do.

Many times, joint or other extremity issues stem from a subluxated joint in the spine, so we always assess the spine first. We have cutting-edge digital range of motion testing that helps us assess the problem so we can determine the best approach for your joint problem.

Customized Care Plans

No two joint issues are identical, and neither are our care plans. We will tailor your chiropractic adjustments and rehab protocols to your specific situation. Depending on the circumstances, we might also recommend ice, moist heat, stretching and/or strengthening.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be out of the game?

Our patients who are athletes often want to know how long they’ll be sidelined. The answer is different for everyone, but the more closely you follow your care protocols, the faster you’ll be back. Our goal isn’t just to get you out of pain—it’s to get your joint stronger and more stable to help prevent re-injury.

Do you refer to other practitioners?

During your initial consult, we will determine if we can help you or not, and we’ll tell you upfront either way. If we can’t, we’ll help get you to the right type of provider.

Similarly, sometimes we have patients that respond well with our care up to a point and then hit a plateau. That can be an indicator that there is something else at play, and we’ll figure out what’s going on and get you plugged into the next level of care.

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