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Meet the Team

Get to Know Us at Freedom Chiropractic

Kirsten Kuhn, Freedom Chiropractic CA

Kirsten Kuhn – Office Manager/Chiropractic Assistant

Kirsten initially joined Freedom Chiropractic as a patient and the team quickly realized they wanted her to be a part of the everyday operations. After living internationally for 3 years, Kirsten moved to Colorado Springs in the beginning of 2019. After dealing with debilitating back pain for 10+ years, Kirsten found herself in the office at Freedom through a referral from a friend. She remembers telling the staff in her first few weeks of care, “I just love the energy and the community that this office brings while I’m in here. What a dream it would be to work in this environment!” Not long after, the Freedom staff sought her out and asked her to come on board and join the team!

Please contact Kirsten if you would like one of our doctors to come to your place of business or organization to host a workshop on health, wellness and longevity.

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Kirsten has been passionate about health and advocating for the health of her peers for years. She loves bringing that to the patients at Freedom Chiropractic. She’s seen how spinal health has impacted her life, and wants to pass that gift along to others.

In her free time, Kirsten enjoys camping, hiking and anything that involves laughing (and chips and queso)!

crystal photo

Crystal Mazey – Patient Concierge/Chiropractic Assistant

Crystal joined Freedom Chiropractic as a patient in 2012, and immediately understood that chiropractic care would be a part of her and her husband Sergio’s lives forever. With the help of Freedom, through chiropractic care and the 5 essentials, they welcomed a beautiful baby girl Catalina to their family in 2014.

Crystal’s background includes many years of experience in Human Resources. She was the Community Relations Manager for the Sky Sox (later Vibes) for 4 years. When the Chiropractic Assistant position became available, Crystal knew her love for Freedom and her passion for family, combined with her work experience made it a dream job for her.

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Originally from San Diego, Crystal moved to Colorado Springs in 2012. She loves the family atmosphere of The Springs and plans to keep this her forever home. Crystal’s main joy in life is her family. They love to travel, watch movies, compete against each other in games and just enjoy each others company doing the many family activities this city has to offer.

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