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Generational Health Is Depleting. This Is Scary!

group of teens selfieIt’s time to make a health stand for our future generations. Who’s with us?

The health of the US has been trending in the wrong direction for some time now. Obesity rates have doubled in adults, tripled in children, and quadrupled in adolescents in the last 30 years.

Our current healthcare system prioritizes managing disease instead of preventing the initial causes even though countless studies have shown that most chronic disease is preventable. Poor nutrition and physical inactivity are blazing the path for our downward spiral. Clearly, something needs to change.

Change Starts Now

The change that needs to happen starts with the parents, teachers, friends, and community that surrounds our children. Each of us have a role in shaping and teaching our younger generations how to live a health and wellness focused lifestyle.

At Freedom Chiropractic, we’re doing what we can to help patients unlock their true health potential naturally with custom, gentle care. If you’re curious how we can help you, we invite you to book an appointment-we’d love to speak with you.

As Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Health education creates a ripple effect. Start the ripple now for yourselves, continue it with the young ones in your life and watch these kids grow up to be healthier adults than ever expected.

As always, we’re here whenever you need us.

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