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Underlying Cause & Solutions for Women's Hormonal Imbalances

women walking in the parkRecently, our practice has had an influx of questions from female patients on hormone imbalances and the impact that they might be having on symptoms like headaches/migraines, hot flashes, weight loss resistance and many other issues.

At Freedom Chiropractic, we take great pride in being a very transparent practice, and when we do not know enough about a topic we will bluntly tell you, “I don’t know”.

But, don’t worry, we’ll never leave you hanging. We’ll do our best to educate ourselves on what we need to know so that we can provide guidance and help to you. Recently, we’ve taken a deep dive into female hormones to get a better understanding of how we can help patients.

To begin, we recommend starting with this video:

The Underlying Causes And Solutions For Women’s Hormonal Imbalances

In about 30 minutes, it provides a great deal of information, and is a major eye opener for the potential causes and solutions of female hormone imbalances. We were shocked to learn that peri-menopause and associated symptoms can begin MUCH earlier than you may have heard. Everyone talks about Estrogen, but it may be a reduction in Progesterone causing your symptoms! The video goes on to explain what lifestyle factors to focus on to balance your hormones.

Click the link above and have a listen while you are outside for a 30-minute walk, or enjoying a nice soak in a bubble bath.

We hope this video is as eye-opening for you as it was for us!

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